Frames For Eyeglasses Depending On Your Skin Tone

Frame Colors That Complements Your Skin Tone

Has it happened with you that you’ve tried several frames but couldn’t find the suitable one? What if we tell you that you have been making the selections in a wrong way? We tend to choose eyeglasses frames based on our face shape, be it oval, square, diamond or heart. It is the topmost pointer while selecting frames & indeed the most appropriate way to find your soul pair, but, there’s one more thing you need to consider when choosing your frame color and i.e. your skin tone.

Let’s know about it in detail:

Skin Tone:

The color tone of our skin is one of the most important factors to be considered while buying eyeglasses frames. It is vital to choose a frame color that would complement your skin tone and not flatten it. Skin tones are categorized into two types, warm & cool. The warm tones are likely to have green/yellow undertones, whereas cool skin tones have a more bluish or pinkish undertone.

Undertone is the tone or color under the skin, which affects the overall skin shade or ‘tone’. One of the several ways to check the undertone is by checking the color of the veins. Are they blue/ purple or are they green/yellow? The blue/purple color indicates a cool undertone whereas green/yellow indicates a warm undertone.

Warm colored skin tones are well complemented by warm colors such as brown, gold, pink, red, yellow & green. And cool colored skin tones tend to go well with cool shades such as grey, blue and purple. Now, that’s not all. The warm and cool skin tones are further categorized according to the general shades. The categorizations are of three types: light, medium, and deep.

Let us now get to know the different tones and shades of the skin tones.

Light tone with warm undertone: People who have a pale skin coupled with greenish/yellowish undertone are described as light skin tone with warm undertone. Dark frame colors tend to be a contrast against the light skin tone like blue eyeglasses frames.

Light tone with cool undertone: Such individuals tend to have a much lighter skin tone with a blue or pinkish undertone. Neutral colors are a great option for such people. Go for Transparent Eyeglasses if you have this skin tone.

Medium tone with warm undertone: Such people have a medium skin color with a green or yellow undertone. Light brown eyeglasses & other earthly colors compliment the person the most with this skin tone.

Medium tone with cool undertone: Those having a medium skin tone with a slightly bluish or pink undertone come under this category. Glasses in shades of blue and purple are a great fit for such people.

Deep tone with warm undertone: People under this category have a deep skin tone accompanied by a deep yellowish undertone. Warm colors are considered to be much more suitable for such people. Go for gold in eyeglasses colors in this case.

Deep tone with cool undertone: Deep shades of skin tone coupled with a cool undertone. This skin tone can be complemented by black & purple shades.

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